'We all are alike; we have merely adopted differing cultures. '

Respect is a necessary element in achieving peace.  If we do not respect one another, we do not respect ourselves, for we are all one on Earth.  And it will not be our wars that our descendants remember a thousand years from now, it will be our achievements of the mind and spirit.  We must emphasise the characteristics of Man that make him Man, and pass that philosophy on to our children.   In time, those characteristics --  reason, knowledge, and justice -- will take their rightful places as the ambitions of all men and women, and fighting will be a concept that will be looked upon with neither understanding nor sympathy.

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This afternoon I started a painting of my mom

Now that I'm back to working full-time, I'm going to have to cram all my painting into the weekends.   This afternoon, I started a portrait of my mom, based on a black and white photo from when she was in her twenties.   Hopefully next Sunday, I'll be able to post the finished version.