Kellas Campbell's drawings of cats, birds and other creatures.

The Tail is Caught!

Ah, here we go — the sun’s prepared my bed.
No, wait, I must bathe myself instead!
Kellas’s lax in her own ablution,
But cats withstand human pollution.

I will start off by washing this ear.
Wait, what is this creature creeping near?
So sly in its movement, it thinks to hide.
I’ll catch you, thrash you, toss you aside!

Around and around — will it not stop?
What gives it strength when I want to flop?
At last it rests — I’ll ignore it for now.
But it’s warm and soft - that I’ll allow.

Just to be safe, I’ll trap it with my paws.
And whenever it wakes, out come the claws!
Waiting and waiting — the sun is so hot.
I’ll close my eyes…and keep what I’ve caught!

Of Mice and Men