Store overhaul

In March, I quit my job and am back to depending on Charlie to support me through her winsome ways.  Charlie is a cat, by the way, and inspired me to become an artist.  But, her beauty alone cannot feed us, so I've also overhauled my online store:

  • Gift cards are now available!  Buying art for another person is risky, but if you know someone who likes my work, you can remove the risk by giving them a gift card to use in my shop.  
  • A few people have asked if I sold larger sized prints than A4.  Well, now I do.  
  • Mugs with different cats are also now available to buy,

The posters and mugs are printed on demand by, who also ship the product.  Because they have two printing locations, the US and Latvia, this means shipping will be lower than if I were to mail everything myself from Scotland.   I also won't have to hike to the post office   so often (not having a car, it does take up time!).  

After your purchase, it will take two to five business days to produce the product, and then it will be  shipped to you.  Shipping times are shown at check-out and will vary with what option you choose.

I should note that I still package and ship greeting cards myself from Edinburgh, as well as A4 signed prints.